Health Care And Birth In Spain vs. The United States

This is a topic I have wanted to tackle for a long time now, but I also wanted to have all of my information straight before I began. So many Europeans ask me about the health care system in the States and comment on how appalling it is that for being such an advanced country…


10 things that surprised me about giving birth in Spain

As you may or may not already know, Spanish residents enjoy a free universal health care system. The WHO ranks it as the 7th best in the world, simultaneously ranking the US as the 37th best, so chew on that for a minute. I knew this going into my pregnancy and was interested to see…


Pregnant in a Spanish Quarantine

Sixty-seven days. They say it only takes 21 days to create a habit so after sixty-seven you'd be surprised to what you can get used to.  The plastic barrier separating you from the cashier at the grocery store, the underlying suspicion and fear in everyone's eyes as they cross the street to avoid you, knowing…


Everything You Need to Know about Applying for Pareja de Hecho

So you've done it! You've convinced your Spanish boyfriend or girlfriend that the best and most fool-proof way for you to remain in Spain and be able to work legally is for them to sign a teeny piece of paper which doesn't even legally change their marital status and really isn't such a big deal.…


10 of the most frequently asked questions to Americans abroad

Some of the most entertaining moments you will probably have in your first time abroad is when someone sheepishly asks you, "So...I saw this on a film...is it really like this in America?" And it will hit you like a ton of bricks that what for you, living your life in the States was perfectly…


The Difference Between a Civil Union and Marriage in Spain

If you've landed here, you are probably in a relationship with a Spaniard or European and considering, perhaps for visa purposes, perhaps not, whether doing a civil union, or pareja de hecho or just getting hitched is right for you. Here, I'll lay out the similarities and differences between the two so you can decide which…


Legally Stay in Spain as an American

Ah, yes. The ever-evasive question I get most asked by Americans who have no immediate European family members, "how have you been able to stay here so long?" My answer is short, but the real answer is long. Very long. In short, I've been able to stay because I became pareja de hecho, (a civil…

5 Off the Beaten Path Spots to Visit Madrid on a Budget

Written by guest writer: Javier Garcia of Cool Tours Spain As a major European capital city, there are plenty of things to do in town but take a look at the following guide to discover Madrid on a budget. To start off, I'll use several well-known locations to make you understand that today I am writing…


How to Get a Teaching Job in Public, Private, and Semiprivate Schools in Spain

Let's just say it--living the auxiliar life can be great, but it can also leave you wanting and needing more. The schedule is minimal, the job itself is usually...less than fulfilling, and the pay will likely have you moonlighting at a low paying academy or riding the metro around town for 25 different private classes. Without fail, lots of language assistants will be searching for a way to continue working in education, (and some likely looking for any way NOT to work in education), while still living out their dream life in Spain, with a decent salary. Sounding familiar yet?

Enter, the questions I get asked the most about my experience living in Spain; how have I been here so long as an American and how did I find work in international and semi-private schools in Spain?

In this post I will be very transparent on my experiences--good, bad, and terribly paid, so read on if you want some hard truths as well as possibilities for your future.