Teaching English as a second language is not easy, especially when you first start out. If you have never done it before or had any previous training, you have probably never given much thought to your native tongue. If you still think that teaching English is inherently easy, think to yourself how you would explain... Continue Reading →

I still remember my first time at Palo Alto Market. Maybe because it was only two years ago. This market is still just a baby in the history of Barcelona markets, but in a short amount of time it has become a monthly staple in the Barcelona style scene, and independent artists and designers from the... Continue Reading →

As I mentioned in my post about things NOT to worry about when you decide to move abroad, one of my number one rules for myself is to know how to say at least, "yes", "no", "thank you", and "do you speak English?" in the country I am visiting. There is nothing that irritates me more to... Continue Reading →

Raise your hand if a bad break up has ever made you make spontaneous, somewhat irrational decisions. *Hand shoots up. Yup, right over here, that's me. Pierced my nose, cut and dyed my hair, took the gym back up, you know, the standard. But still, it seemed like what I really needed was space. An... Continue Reading →

I’ve always been an easy going drinker. No cocktails with ten different ingredients that get set on fire for me. If you were to talk to 20-24-year-old me, she would tell you her drink of choice was rum or vodka with diet coke. But after four years spent ruining every flavor of rum and vodka,... Continue Reading →

Before I dive into this, I have to say first that auxiliaries de conversación is the whole reason I am still in Spain.  If this is your goal, listen carefully. After studying abroad, it became very clear to me that I had to go back to Spain. I didn’t feel like I had gained the... Continue Reading →

Moving across the ocean, (whichever one it may be), is a big step, literally and figuratively. Whether you are a recent graduate or experienced teacher, are bilingual or just barely answering, “Cómo estás?”, you want a program that is right for you. This is not an exhaustive list by any means…luckily things have improved since... Continue Reading →

Milk comes in different forms for different people. For some, it could be landing your first real job with a decent salary. Maybe its putting the down payment on a house, looking your baby in the eyes, or deciding to leave everything behind and move somewhere new. None are better or worse than the other, the only thing that matters is that it keeps nourishing you, and keeps you thriving for more.

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